New Board? New Fundraisers? Here’s Where to Start

New Board? Start Here!

Today’s question comes from Melissa. Melissa asks: Where do you start with a board that hasn’t had to previously participate in fundraising? What expectations do you set and how do you hold them accountable? Share it with others -- Today’s Tweetable: Great #nonprofit board members have clear expectations, and understand their roles and responsibilities. … [Read more...]

Does Your Nonprofit Board Need CPR?


Every once in a while I invite a guest blogger to contribute to my blog because they have something interesting or different to say. My friend and colleague, Susan Schaefer, recently published a new book about Nonprofit Boards. Since it fits in nicely with my "board" theme this year, I invited her to write about governance committees. Does Your Nonprofit Board Need … [Read more...]

Do You Have Good Fundraising Habits?


Today’s question comes from John, who asks: I know I’m supposed to get out of the office and be out meeting with donors, but I am overwhelmed with paperwork and can never seem to break away. Do you have any suggestions? Share it with others -- Today’s Tweetable: Create good #fundraising #habits. Make 3 calls to donors every day! @amyeisenstein Video … [Read more...]

3 Simple Tips to Reconnect with Your Board Members


Is summer a slower time in your office? It might be the perfect time to reconnect with your board members. This post is a short, quick read to help you do just that. Think about how often you meet with each board member individually. It’s important to do so at least once a year, and if you haven’t done so in a while, now’s the time. Meet with Your Board Members to … [Read more...]

Simple Stress Relief for Busy Development Directors


Have you ever been so stressed, you can’t get any work done? It’s a refrain I hear from development directors all the time. It’s like overload paralysis. The more work you have, the less you get done. I know how that feels, especially this week. I’m moving tomorrow, and found myself pacing yesterday in the midst of a huge pile of boxes and bubble wrap. I considered … [Read more...]