Simple Stress Relief for Busy Development Directors


Have you ever been so stressed, you can’t get any work done? It’s a refrain I hear from development directors all the time. It’s like overload paralysis. The more work you have, the less you get done. I know how that feels, especially this week. I’m moving tomorrow, and found myself pacing yesterday in the midst of a huge pile of boxes and bubble wrap. I considered … [Read more...]

Use Board Member Bingo to Make Board Retreats Fun!

Board Member Bingo

Today’s question comes from Margaret, who asks: Amy, I want to hire you as our board retreat facilitator, but I want to make sure you make our retreat is fun and engaging. How can we ensure it’s not boring? Share it with others -- Today’s Tweetable: Use Board Member Bingo to have fun and start discussions at #nonprofit board retreats. … [Read more...]