Maximizing Your Asks (and Your Gifts) Per Year

Counting on Blackboard

Did you know that most organizations with small development shops make less than 50 asks per year? What's more, they actually get far fewer gifts. This is because they don’t get every gift they ask for (which is not necessarily a bad thing, by the way). How Often Are You Asking? Do you know how many times per year you ask for gifts? Do you know how much you ask for … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Board Members to Give 100%


Whenever I begin fundraising consulting with a new client, one of the first things I always stress is the importance of 100% board participation. In this week's Ask the Fundraising Expert video, you'll discover why it's so important that every board member contribute monetarily, regardless of any other contributions they make. I've summarized the key points of … [Read more...]

Maintain (or Even Increase) Your Annual Fund During a Capital Campaign

Increase Your Annual Fund

In my most recent Ask the Fundraising Expert video, you'll learn how to maintain – or even increase – your annual fund during a capital campaign. A common question I get as a fundraising consultant is: “We’re considering a capital campaign, but how do we keep from losing money on our annual campaign while we're pursuing the capital campaign?” I received this question again … [Read more...]

Black, White, or Gray: How are Your Fundraising Ethics?


Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t feel quite right? Or, where you weren’t sure what to do? We all have, and it’s probably because some ethical dilemma was taking place. Sometimes there’s a clear-cut answer when it comes to ethics — such as when ethics and the law intersect. For example, you shouldn't steal — stealing is both unethical and … [Read more...]

4 Actions You Can Take Today to Raise More Year-End Money


Now that the Major Gifts Challenge has officially come to an end, it's time to think about the significance of year-end giving to your organization. If you’re like most organizations, you might get 40% or more of your total fundraising revenue in the last few weeks of the year. That’s a HUGE deal. So what are you going to do differently this year to raise more year-end … [Read more...]

How to Measure Your Success with Major Gifts Fundraising


At the end of each year, it’s important to reflect on how you did in asking for major gifts, measure your results, and review what could be done better or differently during the next year. And, don’t forget to celebrate any success you had! Did you receive your first ever major gift this year? If so, it’s time for a celebration! That could mean an office pizza party or … [Read more...]