5 Ways to Retain Your Best Nonprofit Board Members


Previously, we covered how to attract great board members. But after you “get” them to join your board, how do you keep them? In a few words, you want to make sure they become engaged and remain involved, so they develop into strong, loyal supporters of your organization. Five Strategies to Keep Your Strongest Board Members As you know, your board members are … [Read more...]

2015: The Year of the Fundraising Board

Fundraising board meeting

The role that your board plays (or should play) in fundraising is one of the topics I find myself talking about the most these days. And not just because boards are so important, but also because problems with board members are the number one complaint I hear from nonprofit staff members. With that in mind, and because recruiting and training an engaged fundraising board is … [Read more...]

Amy’s Top 10 Countdown to Year End

Countdown to year end

As the year winds down, I like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished this year, what I'm still committed to working on next year, and what ideas or projects need to be abandoned and not carried into the new year. (Yes, it’s okay to cut some things loose than need to be let go.) You may think of this process as creating resolutions, but most resolutions are often broken. I … [Read more...]

What Does Diversity Have To Do With Fundraising?

A diverse group of people

Why diversity? How often do you think about diversity at your organization? Do you have a diverse staff? Members of your board? Or the clients you serve? And, what does diversity mean to you, personally? What is Diversity? We're not only about race anymore, and it doesn’t just mean black and white. When we talk about diversity, we’re talking … [Read more...]