Use Board Member Bingo to Make Board Retreats Fun!

Board Member Bingo

Today’s question comes from Margaret, who asks: Amy, I want to hire you as our board retreat facilitator, but I want to make sure you make our retreat is fun and engaging. How can we ensure it’s not boring? Share it with others -- Today’s Tweetable: Use Board Member Bingo to have fun and start discussions at #nonprofit board retreats. … [Read more...]

Do You Really, Seriously Need a Board Retreat?

Board Retreat Facilitator Amy Eisenstein

This fundraising question comes from Tom, who writes: I can’t convince my ED that we should have a board retreat. Can you help? Share it with others -- Today’s Tweetable: Schedule a #nonprofit board retreat today to focus on team building, planning, and #fundraising! @amyeisenstein Video Transcript Yes, Tom! I can help! Thanks for asking. First, I … [Read more...]

Effective Board Training in 2 Surprisingly Simple Steps

Effective board training

Today’s question comes from Kendyl. She explains that her new incoming board chair has "AGREED" to allow her to have a portion of every monthly board meeting to train their board members. Her question: How much time should I allow to do training every month and where do I begin? I am concerned they might only give me 15 minutes! Share it with others -- Today’s … [Read more...]

Reflecting on Life, Major Gifts and Nonprofit Boards

Celebrating ...

This week I celebrated a milestone birthday. Yes, it was the big 40! So naturally, I've spent some time reflecting on my life and business. "Have I helped people to the best of my ability?" "What can I do better over the coming months and years?" "What are my long term goals?" Looking Back In my January, I declared 2015 as the Year of the Fundraising Board on this … [Read more...]